10 July 2021

The Art of Photography

Photography is an art that is based on reality, on lived experience; it is subject to interpretation. A photo brings an emotion, a memory, an aesthetic element, leads to reverie… Like all artistic creations, it has its codes, its own trends.

This is why photography has such an important place in marriage. It must be in harmony with who we are, what we want to show and what we want to remember, it must also be consistent with the style of the desired wedding.

Among these different styles, we see 3 main ones often represented at a wedding:

Moody, Fine Art, Reportage

  • The Moody, is an intense and passionate photography which plays on the warm side to sublimate the bride and groom.
  • Fine Art is both technical and aesthetic, playing on very light colors, mainly pastel and white, which gives a very soft and luminous result.
  • Reportage or documentary photography that highlights spontaneity and emotion; there are many black and white photos to give a natural and timeless look.

Behind this art is the photographer, one of the most important professionals for Marriage. Its role is to capture and make vibrate the greatest moments of this Day but also to put at ease and advise the bride and groom during the photoshoots.

It is a profession which requires a great know-how to reveal every moment.

As a wedding planner, it is important that all my bride and groom find THEIR photographer and THE ideal style, which resembles them.

Let’s not forget that photos go through time…