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French Elegance at Domaine of Abbaye of Maizieres We are delighted to share you this wonderful intimate moment in full of heart of Burgundy!! Our agency created a modern, Elegance and minimalist scenography, a perfect coherence for this beautiful newlyweds !! This wedding is featured on “Swanky Magazine” Photographer: Katy Saintin Videographer: Michael Bode Gowns: […]

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  Poetry in Burgundy   In the heart of Burgundy, there is a haven of sweetness; a residence of yesteryear welcoming an intimate and poetic moment. A beautiful meeting between the authenticity of the place and the modernity of each detail that composes the flowers, the stationery and the jewels. We discover an atmosphere filled […]

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Member of the French Wedding Industry by Elodie Villemus. Being a member of the French wedding industry by Elodie Villemus, is a know-how, a precision, a mastery, in the profession of wedding planner & wedding designer. Laura Chevalier, wedding planner & founder of the L Burgundy weddings agency, became a member in 2020, in order […]

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 Highlight the creations of Laetitia Laforêt de LL. COUTURE. Custom-made dresses combining Elegance & Romanticism.

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LAND OF CHATEAUX Burgundy offers prestigious places to get married. She will welcome you to exceptional places where even the Kings of France stayed during their visit to the region. Burgundy offers its future bride and groom places that are both French chic, authentic and upscale. Burgundy has all the qualities to make your wedding […]

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The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography Photography is an art that is based on reality, on lived experience; it is subject to interpretation. A photo brings an emotion, a memory, an aesthetic element, leads to reverie … Like all artistic creations, it has its codes, its own trends. This is why photography has such an important place […]